The Raw Pet Food Supplies goal is to restore the natural diet your pet in which he or she consumes in the wild.  Healthy, 100% certified meats including Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Rabbit and more with no other gains or additives. Our products are all locally sourced from our local butchers and farms. Visit our online store for more.

Raw Pet Food Supplies

We strive on helping pets live healthier, natural and happier.  Restore your animals diet the right way.

Raw Pet Food Supplies provides only 100% certified farm fresh meats for our raw pet foods guarantee!

Our pet food is not only great for your pet, but also great on the pockets!  See how much you can save with a natural diet.

Your pet will love this!  Pet’s go wild for our pet food.  So, show your pet love with our delicious pet food menu items.

Why Pet Owners Choose Us

Pet owners choose Raw Pet Food Supplies because we know pets. We only provide 100% natural foods for the diet your pet desires. In other words, giving your dog or cat what they would eat in it’s natural habitat. All of our products are certified with no additives.

See our full list of products in our online store Current Best Selling Products
Raw Pet Food - Beef Hearts
Raw Beef Hearts
Raw Pet Food - Beef Livers

Raw Beef Livers
Raw Pet Food - Beef Bones

Raw Beef Bones
Raw Pet Food - Ground Green Tripe

Ground Green Tripe All natural 100% certified raw dog food by Raw Pet Food Supplies. Meats from the butcher to your home, to provide your dog with the food in which it naturally eats. Call: 905-244-9387 or Shop Online