How To Introduce Your Dog To The Raw Diet

How to introduce your dog to the raw diet

Well it’s quite simple, No dog is too old or too young for the raw diet, If your dog is generally pretty healthy, and does not have any underlying medical issue. You can simply go from one day eating Kibble to switching right over to Raw. Sometimes taking it slowly in the beginning is a good choice, much like when you start a child off on solid foods you start slowly as to not overload their system, and to make sure there are not reactions to the proteins you are feeding. For example, start off with chicken for a few days and make sure everything is good, than move to turkey, or beef, etc.  

What are the Benefits to feeding your dog a Raw Diet?
Well there are many different benefits to the raw diet, and you will start to notice a few almost right away once you switch to the raw diet.

To name a few...
⦁    The new interest in their new food, how excited they become when they know they are getting fed.
⦁    Increased energy levels – good nutrition more energy, this might scare a few as some dogs already are high energy
⦁    Shiner coats and healthier skin – this will help with those constant itching and scratching
⦁    Smaller Poop – more of the food is used thus less waste the dog produces.
⦁    Healthier teeth and Gums – No more bad doggy breath, as bones they eat help to clean their teeth, meaning less visits to the vets to have pricey teeth cleaning